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Until Sep. 12th. 2018, tokens have been released cumulatively

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Post content, read, and refer to friends:
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Post valuable, original content and gain likes/comments/share from readers; Up vote content (like, comment, share) and write high-quality comment

Donation, paid knowledge, and shopping:
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Ad revenues belong to users

Via bidding + blockchain technology, ad revenue on CBNT achieves transparency and openness.

Changing traditional advertising model, ad publishers paying content generators tokens, which would be shared with followers.

Till May 2019, cumulative ads revenue has reached 0 ETH


Each penny of your donation means much to the CBNT dream of “community autonomy”.





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CBNT 1.0 version launched, IOS and Android
Sep. 2018
100 days after launch, 100,000+ users, and 20,000+ KYC users
Jan. 2019
CBNT web 1.0 version launched, 10,000+ global users
Feb. 2019
70,000+ posts, 1,300 verified writers
April 2019
CBNT listed on a top 10 exchange— BiBox, a milestone for the CBNT community
May 2019
Decentralized wallet and CaiBao room (ad dividend) launched, a big step further to the win-win system of “content, traffic, and ads”
June 2019